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Sep 17, 2010 4:30am EDT
about that we are certainly in a holding pattern. i think one of the things that has us stuck in here today of course is we are dealing with the expiration of the stock index futures, stock- index options and stock options as well. a lot of traders here like nothing better than a slow steady expiration. it is a lot easier to figure out what options are exercised and what options are assigned. going forward it certainly seems like this indecision about elections, the economic uncertainty probably keeps us stuck in a range until we get a better idea. we do have earnings coming up, hopefully they will provide better support for the market but it seems a lot of traders expect that we have seen the worst here, that we have had a slow down and that's about as worse as things are going to get here at this moment. we would certainly like to see some improvement on the employment data and the housing data. we have a gold reaching another high and it is probably because of this uncertainty we have going. no doubt about it the economic uncertainty, the currency volatility as well have been pret
Sep 1, 2010 4:30am EDT
,000 a year. the other 2% for those making $600,000, a million that costs really costs us $70 billion dollars a year. convincing the senate, let alone business leaders in this room, could prove to be a challenge that now is the time for the government to tax more, not less, on the wealthy. the 1% of americans that are the high income you could argue that they could share a little bit more of their wealth, but when you get into taxing businesses that are set up as individuals, that deters growth. it's a very tricky situation and one that requires leadership, it's not politics, it's leadership. " raising taxes on wealthy individuals which is where a lot of the investment and entreprenerial innovation comes from so i don't necessarily agree with all his views but i like him as a senator." the senator says he hopes a vote happens in september on the jobs bill that could help get loans to small businesses.on another topic he says while social security is safe for the next 27 years the deficit commission wants to find a way to add on another 75 years to make social security avaiable. as disappoin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2